Searches & Fees

  • Tracing Heirs
    The job of compiling an accurate family tree is a complex and time-consuming task. Among the services that we can put into action to determine the rightful heirs to an estate are:
    1. A full-time staff of researchers and an extensive network of associates around the world
    2. The utilization of fully automated state-of-the-art computer systems that store and cross-reference pertinent research sources
    3. A proprietary research database, microfilm and published library with information dating back to the 17th century
    4. A team of dedicated researchers at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City as well as a network of experienced researchers located at regional libraries nationwide--no private collection, including our own, can compare to the effectiveness of these resources.
  • "Your Choice" Compensation Procedures
    Unlike other search firms, Blake and Blake Genealogists offers a choice of compensation methods to suit each situation. YOU make the choice. We will be happy to provide guidelines based on the many searches we have conducted, but we feel that it is important that YOU make the final choice of compensation.
  • Independent Search Basis
    This method of compensation is preferable in many cases and can be negotiated directly with the missing heirs. In this manner, neither the estate nor the personal representative has any financial obligation to us. Our search continues until we have either located all of the heirs/beneficiaries or until we have proven that there are no others. In an independent search, the only one who pays for our service is the beneficiary of our search (and not the estate). This scenario is particularly appealing to the known heirs in an estate where there may be other heirs whose addresses are unknown. To learn more about the benefits of an Independent Search click here.
  • Flat Fee Basis
    In many cases, we are able to locate a missing heir or beneficiary for as little as $350.00...results guaranteed, or no fee!

    We believe that our flat fees are approximately 20% less than those of our competitors' published rates. However, should you receive a lower written quote for comparable services from another search firm, we guarantee to beat their lower quote by an additional 10%. Please contact our office for a quote tailored to your particular estate.
  • Hourly/Per-Diem Rate
    In many cases, our hourly search option may be preferable. In some cases, an hourly fee may be the only appropriate method of compensation. Your office would be required to authorize a specific number of hours at which time we would produce an interim report, or a final report if we have successfully completed the assignment at that point in time. If we have not completed the assignment, you would need to authorize us to proceed with further research for a specific number of additional hours.
  • Comparing Search Firms
    Advertising, whether internet-based or otherwise, may be misleading. A client should not rely primarily on paid advertising, regardless of the reputation of the publication in which it may appear. We encourage prospective clients to learn as much about our firm and our competitors as possible before deciding which firm to rely upon.
  • Our Guarantee
    If a client receives a lower written quote for comparable services, we will beat it by 10%. If a client is not completely satisfied with our services, there is no fee due us. It's as simple as that.

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