Client Letters

Having served the needs of heirs and the legal community since 1929, we have received many letters of "thanks" over the years. Here are quotes from a few of these.

  • "You guys are awesome! Thanks."
    Chrissy R. Tefera, Attorney - Colleyville, Texas
  • "You were of great assistance to us both in terms of efficiency and speed of service and courtesy in obtaining evidence of death of a particular person which evidence was needed to progress the distribution of an estate that we were handling. You were recommended to us in the first place by the United States Embassy and we are grateful to them for their introduction to you and would not hesitate to use your services again or to recommend you."
    D. H. P. Levy & Co. London
  • "Thank you for finding our heir. I have spoken to him and she is indeed his aunt.

    Thank you and I will certainly recommend your company to others."
    Hon. Brandie L. Hall, Mt. Sterling, KY
  • "This is to acknowledge receipt of the check for $48,750 representing my portion of funds from the Abe Rosenzweig Estate. I would like to thank you and your colleagues for your help in securing for me this unexpected bonanza."
    Sincerely, M. Ross - Canada
  • "This concludes our search for heirs to the Estate of Marguerite Scharnagel. Your prompt, thorough and professional services have been greatly appreciated in this effort. We will keep your card on file for future use and reference to our colleagues."
    Scotty Perryman, Assistant Trust Officer - Citizens National Bank
  • Valerie
    I received my cheque from my second cousin Margaret Soderberg's estate yesterday. . It was totally unexpected and is much appreciated. Both my parents were from Sweden and I used to get jealous of my friends who had lots of aunts & uncles. I had 1 cousin in Canada; my cousins in the U.S. were much older but I got to go to Detroit once a year and to see and enjoy many of my second cousins. I always loved Margaret because she was so kind and gentle and she let me talk as much as I wanted and she would share with me as though I was an adult. I want to take this opportunity to THANK EVERYONE FROM BLAKE AND BLAKE that were involved with this inheritance. It was like a dream TO US which would never have happen but thanks to your thoroughness and diligence we have the opportunity to enjoy this gift with much love. Valerie, I want to thank you because you were always there when we had questions, you always got the answers and you are so approachable. You are great at what you do! Have a great day.
    The Downs, Ontario, Canada
  • "I had hired an investigator to ascertain the dates of death and whereabouts of next of kin to Ruth Evans. After two months of diligent searching, he found nothing concrete. After receiving a very explicit package of your services, the Estate hired Blake & Blake Genealogists to complete the search for the last remaining next of kin. Within two days following our first conversation, I received a call indicating the possibility of success. It was indeed my long lost relative. I only wish I had found and used you sooner. Thank you for your integrity, resourcefulness and expeditious success."
    Marilyn Green/Fisher, Personal Representative
  • "I want to thank you for your prompt and courteous handling of this matter in locating Mr. Hankey. It was a great relief to me to be able to finalize the administration of this trust without necessitating the administration of another small account. Again, thank you for all of your efforts on our behalf."
    Sharon M. Garcia, Assistant Vice President - Mellon Private Asset Management
  • "Thanks to all of our collective efforts, I succeeded in meeting with Mary Anderson on Friday, April 5th, to deliver to her a check representing her bequest under the will of Signe Phillips. Mary and her husband were enormously pleased.... She was quite surprised, pleased and humbled that Signe would remember her in her will. While there I explained to them the significant role played by Blake & Blake."
    Scott K. Keefer, Macktaz, Keefer and Kirby
  • "I thank you for your good work in locating some of my lost cousins. It was a surprise to me as I left New York City 50 years ago."
    Sincerely, Mrs. Vacchione
  • "Thank you for your prompt efficient work. It is greatly appreciated. You have my authorization to distribute the data you collected as requested by the two heirs at law. Again, thank you for your assistance in this matter."
    Very truly yours,
    Thomas H. Trager, Vonachen, Lawless, Trager & Slevin
  • "This note is to thank you for the check and to thank Mark Fugolo, Esq., Vincent Kaye, Esq., and Blake & Blake for the efforts in our behalf. It is not very often that a pleasant surprise as this comes our way. Please do express our gratitude to all involved."
    Robert Murray
  • "Thank you again for all the work you and your firm and associates have done for us. You all are great to work with."
    Beverly Sue Ryan, Public Administrator for Clay County, MO
  • "Words alone cannot express the gratitude we have for your company in locating our family as the "Missing Heirs" to a cousin Frans Kowalski in Germany."
    Jack & Theresa Bell
  • "Keep doing the wonderful work that you do. I'll definitely recommend you to anyone that is looking for their beloved family or friends. Thanks again for everything you do."
    Ann Bullard
  • "Gentlemen: Recently I telephoned your office in connection with an unusual matter in which I was involved in connection with a genealogical matter involving myself and in which your office performed the solution in a most efficient manner and for which I am greatly thankful. In this case you provided an excellent service to a brother attorney and for which we are very grateful."
    Sincerely yours, John Donoghue
  • "Thank you for your outstanding work locating the three missing heirs in the above estate. Your locating a great niece of the deceased, and two adopted great nephews, whose names we did not know, was truly remarkable."
    Colarossi & Colarossi